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The tables below show which cell types have browser tracks for different data types in the combine Encode Roadmap browser. By default all, cell type rows are collapse into functional groups. Clicking on the group name will expand out all the cell types. The legend above shows what the colors of different squares mean.

Data can be viewed by clicking on data types at the top of the table, the squares for cell type groups and data types, the names of cell types in an expanded cell type group, or individual cell type and data type squares.

After selecting data, go to the bottom of the page to review what is selected and then click on the "Go to Browser" button.

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Cell Type Bisulfite-Seq MeDIP-Seq MRE-Seq RRBS DNaseI DGF mRNA-Seq smRNA-Seq ChIP-Input H3K27me3 H3K36me3 H3K4me1 H3K4me3 H3K9ac H3K9me3 H3K27ac H2AK5ac H2AK9ac H2AZ H2BK120ac H2BK12ac H2BK15ac H2BK20ac H3K14ac H3K18ac H3K23ac H3K4ac H3K4me2 H3K56ac H3K79me1 H3K79me2 H4K20me1 H4K5ac H4K8ac H4K12ac H4K91ac H3K23me2 H2BK5ac H3K9me1 H3T11ph

BRAIN -- mRNA-Seq BRAIN -- smRNA-Seq BRAIN -- ChIP-Input BRAIN -- H3K27me3 BRAIN -- H3K36me3 BRAIN -- H3K4me1 BRAIN -- H3K4me3 BRAIN -- H3K9ac BRAIN -- H3K9me3 BRAIN -- H3K27ac


BRAIN-Fetal -- MeDIP-Seq BRAIN-Fetal -- MRE-Seq BRAIN-Fetal -- RRBS BRAIN-Fetal -- DNaseI BRAIN-Fetal -- DGF BRAIN-Fetal -- mRNA-Seq BRAIN-Fetal -- smRNA-Seq BRAIN-Fetal -- ChIP-Input BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K27me3 BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K36me3 BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K4me1 BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K4me3 BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K9ac BRAIN-Fetal -- H3K9me3

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